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Soldado: Two for One Янгиликлар

Soldado: Two for One

For the last few days, Valencia has been mulling over the possibility that another team will sign Roberto Soldado this summer and has finally come to a conclusion: if the striker leaves, the club will sign two others.
This is one of the dilemmas the club has had to face following the transfer of Nelson Valdez. At that time they thought the number of forwards to be on the low-side with Paco Alcácer, Jonas and Soldado, but they reasoned that the international player with his sporting performance and authority in the dressing room more than made up for any potential gaps.

Without Soldado, the whole scenario changes. So, they are no longer considering just one centre-forward to replace him, but two. Amongst other things, the club needs part of the money they will get for his transfer to boost their finances and the rest to strengthen the squad.

The club will only consider negotiating his departure if the offer comes at least two weeks before the league kicks off (somewhere around the 3rd of August), so they have time to react. After that date they will demand payment of the buyout clause (€30 million).

What Valencia wants is a striker similar to Soldado, who was signed for €10 million from Getafe in 2010. Someone like PSG player, Kevin Gameiro. The problem is that Sevilla is already at an advanced stage in their negotiations to sign the Frenchman.

Portugal's Helder Postiga could be a second option to strengthen the attack, along with Ruben Rochina who plays for Wigan.

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