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02:13Лига 1. ПСЖ сафарда очко йўқотди ва чемпионлик масаласини янада қийинлаштирди  14 01:55Ла Лига. Азарнинг 90+4 дақиқадаги голи “Реал”ни чемпионлик учун курашга қайтарди  192 01:37А Серия. "Милан" "Юве"ни Туринга "кўмди"!  86 01:20Отабек Шукуров “Шаржа” билан хайрлашди  16 00:58АПЛ. “Арсенал” ишончли ғалабага эришди ва “Вест Бромвич”ни Чемпионшипга равона қилди  3 00:35Беларусь чемпионати. БАТЭ сафарда “Шахтёр”га ютқазди. Умаров захирадан тушди, Убайдуллаев эса …  7 00:02Olamsport: Серронеда техник нокаут, Сауль Альвареснинг режаси ва бошқа хабарлар  0 23:40АПЛ. Мавсум давомида белгиланган пенальтилар бўйича рекорд янгиланди  8 23:35"Насаф" иккинчи бор чемпион бўлишга ҳаракат қиладиган ОФК Кубоги ҳақида нималарни биламиз?  7 23:25Роббен Нидерландия термасига қайтиб, Евро-2020'да қатнашмоқчи  4 23:05Ла Лига. “Реал” – “Севилья”. Марсело, Модрич ва Ракитич асосий таркибда  23 22:55А Серия. “Рома” аутсайдер дарвозасига жавобсиз бешта гол урди  0 22:45А Серия. “Ювентус” – “Милан”. Таркиблар маълум  24 22:30АПЛ. “Эвертон” сафарда “Вест Хэм”ни мағлуб этди  1 22:15АПЛ. “Арсенал” – “Вест Бромвич”. Асосий таркиблар  1

Professional Player Seminar organised Янгиликлар

Professional Player Seminar organised

AFC, in association with the UAE Football Association, Pro League Committee, and Abu Dhabi Sports Council with supports from FIFPro, conducted the first ever Professional Player Seminar in Abu Dhabi under its football development programme KICK OFF.

Some 50 professional players of clubs around Abu Dhabi in the likes of Al Ain, Al Jazira, Al Wahdha, Baniyas and Al Dhafra attended the seminar featuring speakers from the organisers as well as FIFA and INTERPOL.

The main discussion point of the seminar was about the rights and obligations of the professional players as well as the importance of education to prepare for their second career.

Besides, the risks of match-fixing were discussed from the players’ perspective, the potential seriousness and consequences of match fixing.

Former Liverpool and Lyon coach Gerard Houllier (pic) led the discussion panel also featuring Bani Yas striker Mohamed Aboutrika and Brendan Schwab, the Chairman of FIFPro Asia/Oceania.

While explaining the emotional and instinctive sides of the professional players the much-travelled Frenchmen said: “Football is full of emotions. As the players are relatively young in the modern game, they tend to get more emotional and make mistakes. Those mistakes are part of life but the main thing is to learn from your mistake.”

A joint panel consisting Julie Norris of INTERPOL, FIFA’s Nick Raudenski and AFC also discussed the key principles in the fight against match-fixing.

KICK OFF is a revamped AFC development programme which focuses on strengthening the club and league management of AFC’s Member Associations through tailor-made self-sustainable remedies.

The Professional Player Seminar, which aims to promote the professionalism of players off the pitch, is one of the 10 services which the programme provides to the Member Associations. Currently there are 13 countries benefiting from KICK OFF. 




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