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Martino is the choice Янгиликлар

Martino is the choice

Barcelona has already decided who will replace Tito Vilanova as its first-team coach.
 Gerardo 'Tata' Martino, who is not currently managing a team, is the Catalan Club's first-choice. In fact, Andoni Zubizerreta and Raúl Sanllehí are flying to Buenos Aires tonight to meet with the former coach of Newell's Old Boys in an attempt to agree a deal as soon as possible, although both parties have already made first contact and negotiations are well on track.

The Argentine coach's cause is supported by Leo Messi and the Argentinian press believe Andoni Zubizarreta and Raul Sanllehí will travel to the country for talks, after initial contact was made earlier.

Martino's Newell's Old Boys side took South America by storm due to its attractive playing style and nobody can deny his great work for the Paraguay national team. "I can identify with Barcelona's style of football. I'm an admirer of the great work done by Guardiola. This is the style I like the most. Passing is what football is all about", he told MARCA.

Leo Messi has stated his admiration for his compatriot on more than one occasion: "I like Tata Martino. He's a great manager", Messi told 'Diario Olé' a few months ago.
Celta de Vigo denied yesterday any interest in Luis Enrique and sources consulted at the club said that there had been no phone calls from Barça.

The same sources went on to add that they "have total trust in the manager's commitment" and the potential departure of the manager and his coaching team would cost Barcelona several million euros.

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