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11:57Футзал. Олий лига, 2-тур, 2-кун. "Локомотив" - "Нафис" 3:40 11:472018 йилдаги Чемпионлар лигаси финали Украинада бўлади1 11:41Олий лига-2016. Энг қари жамоа "Қизилқум", энг ёши "Пахтакор"2 11:41Моуриньо: "Жадвалга қараб бошқа жамоалар МЮдан яхши деб ўйлаш мумкин, аммо бундай эмас"5 11:41Моуринью: по таблице можно подумать, что другие команды лучше «МЮ», а это не так0 11:15EPL Manager: 15-турда майдонга тушмайдиган футболчилар2 11:11«Краснодар» БАА ва Туркияда йиғин ўтказади1 11:11«Краснодар» проведет сборы в ОАЭ и Турции0 10:45Пепе инглиз ва Хитой клубларидан таклиф олди5 10:45Пепе получил очень выгодные предложения от английских и китайских клубов0 10:25Янги стадион қураётган "Атлетико" клуб логотипини ҳам ўзгартиради (фото)9 10:11Киберспорт. Артур Бабаев жамоаси ярим финалда!3 10:00Срна «Шахтер»дан «Барселона»га қўйиб юборишини сўради6 10:00Срна попросил «Шахтер» отпустить его в «Барселону» в январе0 09:40Стерлинг «Лестер»га қарши ўйнай олади4

10 aug 10:42

"The Mourinho era is done and dusted"

Real Madrid's vice-captain, Sergio Ramos, stated that "the Mourinho era is done and dusted," that he will take "the good" and look optimistically at the present because the entire squad is "thrilled with how Carlo Ancelotti works and how approachable he is."
"Last season did not overshadow the successes of previous seasons. I prefer to take the positive, the good, I don't hold grudges. I'll take what I learnt during a period that is now done and dusted. Football goes on; we have to continue progressing, improving and remain ambitious in order to continue winning titles. This is now a new era, with a new coach, new signings and all of them are thrilled at the prospect of achieving great things," he said.

"Every coach is different, has a playing system, a philosophy, an order, habits. We’re going through that transitional phase and I can assure you that the whole team is pleased with how he works and his approachability. Hopefully, we can go on a great run and win some silverware," he said.

The Madrid vice-captain emphasised that it is important to have "a stable coaching set-up", something initiated with Mourinho. He now hopes to have this as part of a project in which he highlighted the signing of Spanish players. "We've put together a group of young Spanish players and that is great. Signing national talent is always important," he emphasised.


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