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09 aug 12:15

The day Iker bounced back against Mourinho

In football there are always second chances. Iker knows this from experience. Who will stand between the posts for the first league match remains to be seen, but at least Ancelotti has made him feel like a player again in the pre-season build up, putting him on an equal footing with Diego López to see who will come out on top.

The Madrid captain had already played against Everton, but still hadn't taken part against a really big club. But if that wasn't enough, he faced none other than Mourinho. Casillas put in a solid performance and showed true grit in front of the very person that had sidelined him, first replacing him with Adán and later on with Diego López.

Iker was one of the Madrid players that was really up for the showdown with Chelsea. He didn't have too much to do, but made his presence known when it counted. With the score line at 2-1, Hazard had a one-on-one chance with Casillas, but the Real Madrid captain closed him down. Then the Belgian tried to surprise him with a low shot, but Casillas reacted quickly and made a great save.

Iker was constantly giving his defence instructions. These two games have done wonders for his game and helped him find his feet again. Playing in the Confederations Cup, where Vicente del Bosque picked him to play in goal, has helped Casillas get back some of his form. Nevertheless, he hadn't played for Real Madrid since he injured his hand in January.

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