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08 aug 15:49

Suarez has shown Liverpool 'total disrespect', says Rodgers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says Luis Suarez has shown the club "total disrespect" by publicly declaring his desire to leave Anfield this summer.
Rodgers has been left disappointed by the Uruguayan's lack of appreciation for the support shown to him by the Merseyside outfit, and has reportedly ordered Suarez to train alone for the foreseeable.

"There were no promises made - categorically none - and no promises broken," Rodgers said after a friendly win over Valarenga. "The club and his representatives had several conversations and he knew exactly where he was at.

"I think Luis knows the support he's had at the football club and that's something that's been unswerving throughout the whole of last season.

"Obviously the remarks I've read are bitterly disappointing - but my job is bigger than that. My job is to fight and protect the club. The conversations I've had with him, he knows I've had and they will remain private.

"I will take strong, decisive action, absolutely. There has been total disrespect of the club - this is a lack of respect of a club that has given him everything. Absolutely everything.

Rodgers also denied Liverpool inserted a clause in Suarez's contract to allow him to leave for offers from Champions League clubs in excess of £40 million.

He continued: "I don't believe there is a clause in his contract that says he can leave for any sort of price. 


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