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16 may 15:35

Online Coaching and Education Platform Presented

Tor Ahlgren (pictured), managing director of S2S (Secrets to Sports), made a presentation on S2S Grassroots, an online coaching and education platform, on Wednesday at the AFC Grassroots Workshop in Kuala Lumpur.
Tor Ahlgren, managing director of S2S (Secrets to Sports), made a presentation on S2S Grassroots, an online coaching and education platform, on Wednesday at the AFC Grassroots Workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

Member associations’ grassroots representatives from across Asia are taking part in the three-day workshop held in conjunction with the AFC Grassroots Year 2013 and Grassroots Day which fell on 15 May.

According to Ahlgren, football associations can do a lot of things including creating and distributing their own online courses with the online platform.

“Football associations can create and develop their own contents, curriculum, coaching courses and tests,” he said. “They can distribute these to coaches and players in clubs and schools. Districts and development centres can also be included in the chain of distribution.

“The associations can also register all coaches, players, referees and others in the schools and clubs on the online platform. In short, they can create an aggregated database for the whole country.”

Ahlgren further illustrated the advantage football associations stand to have and cited citing several real examples of football organisations embracing online technology for the game.

“Norwegian FA insert news and pictures, sponsors and their logos and identity on the entrance page of their online platform,” he said. “They manage coaching information including that of the national teams as well as create and park diagrams, videos, animations, documents and curriculum.

“There’s also a library where clubs and schools learn about practices of the Norwegian FA or create their own contents. They can also access curriculum from the FA or create their own. There are also ready-made training sessions.

“Meanwhile, Football Federation Australia for the last three years have been giving full access to their programme for coaches who are taking a coaching course.”

To further illustrate the efficacy of the online platform, Ahlgren let the participants of the grassroots workshop access the S2S platform and view the very workshop’s own presentation materials.

“Online technology helps in a lot of areas of football including grassroots and the advantage should be made full use of,” Ahlgren concluded.




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