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15 may 11:42

Kasimov: We Will Bounce Back In Second Leg Match

“It was an interesting game. My team has played a decent game despite the harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately the score is against the run of play. If we could use our chances, I would be commenting quite a different score now,” said head coach of Bunyodkor Mirjalol Kasimov.
“However, the score is not scary. We will make necessary decisions and prepare for the second leg match. We will do a come back in Tahskent.”
- Bunyodkor was playing confident and interesting game in previous matches. What is the reason for the fail?
“The weather gave us hard time. Not all of our players could recover after a long trip. It took us more than 24 hours to reach Buriram.”
- This is the first loss of Bunyodkor in this year’s tournament. And you have been beaten by Buriram United. How do you comment it?

“The Game doesn’t forgive mistakes. We couldn’t play accurately in certain situations and lost the control. We warned players of the dangerous dead balls by Buriram. Unfortunately Thais managed to score from the free kick.” – explained Kasimov.



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