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09 jul 11:28

Ferdinand warns Wayne Rooney against leaving Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand believes Wayne Rooney should finish his career at Manchester United.
Rooney's future at Old Trafford remains uncertain, following claims by former boss Sir Alex Ferguson that he has handed in a transfer request.

But new United boss David Moyes, who also managed Rooney as a youngster at Everton, said at his first press conference that he would not sell the England striker.

And Ferdinand says Rooney should look at the experience of Cristiano Ronaldo to see that leaving Manchester United is a risky decision.

Ronaldo has been in extraordinary form since his record-breaking £80m move to Real Madrid in 2009, but Ferdinand says he would have won more silverware with United.

"I think when someone is at your club who has been there for the length of time he (Rooney) has been there, he's more than clued up to understand the dynamics of the club," said Ferdinand.

"He's mature enough now and old enough to make his own mind up. I'm sure in time he'll have his say.

"I don't see where you go better from here. For instance, Cristiano has been ridiculous as a football player individually but has he won more trophies since leaving than what we've won? That's the way I look at it.

"I wouldn't say that he shouldn't have gone there; it was his dream to go there, so you have to respect that. But I just look at things in a plain, black and white way - I want to win trophies so why would I leave here?

"I've had loads of offers over the years to go to other football clubs and there's been loads of speculation in the papers every other year, but I've never really wanted to go anywhere.

"I came to Man United for one simple reason and that was to win trophies, so I could retire and say how many trophies I've won and look back and say I've made a success of my career.

"That's all you do and I'm sure most young players, or players in their prime, when they're asked to come to Manchester United, that should be the question they ask themselves: 'Have I got a chance to win?' Do you want to be part of that history of the club? Normally the answer is yes."



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