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22 jul 13:22

Adán in talks with Rayo

Antonio Adán could be staying in Madrid next season. The keeper has not been included in Carlo Ancelotti's new project and Real Madrid has given him permission to negotiate with other clubs.
After hearing of interest from clubs like Levante or Elche, which came to nothing, Rayo Vallecano has expressed its interest in signing him.

Felipe Miñambres, Rayo's director of football has started looking at his options and the club's preference is Adán. The Madrid keeper wants to play first-team football, which he is struggling to do at Real. He knows that playing across town at Rayo could be the stage he needs to showcase his talent.

His agent spoke with Rayo last week and both parties are positive that a deal can be reached. With the foundations laid, they will meet again this week to discuss a transfer fee and contract length.

Adán is thrilled at the prospect but knows that he will have to take a pay cut if an agreement is to be reached. The chance to remain in the same city is just one of the positive aspects of the move.

Whilst waiting for negotiations to conclude favourably, the keeper is training hard with Real Madrid, although he did not travel to face Bournemouth with the rest of the squad.

Adán has played seven top-flight matches for Real Madrid and Rayo could offer him the opportunity for first-team action he has not received since José Mourinho promoted him to the first team.


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